Program leadership

Program Director: Neal Ryan, Queensland University of Technology

Deputy Program Director: Don Allan, Queensland Department of Public Works, commercial cleaning chicago


To improve the long-term effectiveness, competitiveness and dynamics of a viable construction industry in the Australian and international contexts through:


      • greater innovation in business processes
      • strengthened human relations and ethical practice
      • more effective interactions between industry and its clients.


The operational strategy to achieve the objective is:

      • to design and progress integrated research activity in order to develop state-of-the-art knowledge and the capability for future knowledge generation
      • to consolidate and strengthen collaboration with the property and construction industries, their stakeholders and with key international partners to create and support an effective knowledge base
      • To bring together research projects and results in order to produce coherent results, supported by a broad base of researcher and practitioner expertise and experience, that will be strongly disseminated and implemented to achieve improved performance in the Industry.

The Program recognizes the need for a .bigger picture. reflecting the industry.s continuing shift towards accommodating the rigors of more customer-led thinking by adopting a more strategic, futures-orientated approach. The priorities listed below, have been set in this context and are intended to respond to national and global market pressures for business innovation; the needs of the industry and its customers for business improvement and Government Policy.


Research priorities

      • capturing knowledge
      • changing culture
      • business and organizational innovation
      • construction futures in the context of business development.

Research is currently undertaken in the areas of innovation, human resources and client interaction. The research is empirical in nature drawing on case studies, field tests, and relevant literature. The experience of industry practitioners, particularly Construction Innovation Participants, is the main source of data capture.

The measures are based on those enterprises engaging with Construction Innovation. An overarching key output will be to create internationally recognized best in class contractor, consultant, policy maker and regulator from amongst the industry Participants.



      • 50% clients and industry agree that the image and overall stakeholder satisfaction with the industry has improved
      • Fewer civil actions against construction firms by 10%
      • Reduce the incidence of industry injury and fatality, and as a consequence worker insurance premiums reduced 10%
      • Improved rate of innovation – develop innovation index
      • Improve organization capability – develop capability index
      • Recognition of the Australian property and construction industry as an international leader through more effective industry training and business innovation
      • Construction Innovation accepted as a positive influence on government policy.

Businessman with cloud computing and connectivity concept

Performance evaluation

The performance of Program A is to be evaluated annually by first developing and then using the three measures:

      • Innovation index – the tool will show the improved rate of innovation
      • Capability index – the tool will show the improved rate of organization capability
      • Industry wide bench marking best practice protocol will be used to show widespread improvement in organizational performance.

Business and industry development